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Sep 05: 19:13
The S3L standings after race 1 are up:

Aug 31: 17:41
yes, got it thank you

Aug 31: 17:08
it's just under the chatbox
changes on race day

Aug 31: 15:28
what is the password for the server ?

Aug 25: 16:08
trying to make a skin for the mrf02

the mapping is terrible

Aug 13: 11:01
I can think of worse reasons to skip a race

Happy holidays!

Aug 12: 16:12
Howdy folks. I was going to join the s3l league but typically I'll be on holidays for the first race !

Aug 08: 11:17
Holy moly, just found out AB is back Hopefully I can make it to some of the races. Looking forward to race with you guys again

Jul 28: 19:20
The CCF2012 has been replaced with the CX WAGON.

Jul 26: 20:03
Thanks for your feedback!

I didn't realize the CCF2012 had the opstion to bolt on downforce. It doesn't have wings so it is not very realistic. It is quite a boring car, so I might as well replace it with with another boring hatchback

About the MRF02: I see in the changelog changes have been made to the suspension geometry. Indeed it results in positive camber with the setup I tested with before. But after setting more negative camber to that same setup I see no issues to be honest.

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Torberkel – Wins His 1st and 2nd Ever Victory at AB!
youliftyoulose, Monday, February 18 2013 - 09:51:33 // comment: 0

Race 9 and 10 of the 2nd season of the FZ5 series of Absolute Beginners race took place at South City Town in the reverse direction. Each event of the FZ5 series consists of 2 individual races, a short sprint race (no mandatory pit stops) and a feature race (much longer with 1 or more mandatory pit stops). A one lap qualifying session put LRK-racer on the pole as the only driver to get his car into the 1:31’s. Torberkel was showing good pace as he joined LRK-racer on the front row.

Torberkel wins his 1st ever race at AB!. So happy to win he does it again in the feature race.

Turn 2 turns into a parking lot on the 1st lap.

Weaver and Daniel battle for 3rd in the championship.

Two laps from the finish torberkel has his heart racing as he sees DannyS and Mazdarati in his mirrors.

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