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Nov 23: 14:03
Hi, I am new here, and I have some questions.
Which near races are for S2 licence and how to join them?

Nov 20: 18:45
The password is below this chatbox. It is 'practice'.

Nov 20: 18:33
when is it gonna be posted?

Nov 20: 18:25

Nov 20: 18:13
yeah under chatbox

Nov 20: 18:10
yo, is the password for todays race at 1930 gonna be posted here?

Nov 20: 15:36
hello all

Nov 20: 07:03
I must thank everyone at ABSOLUTR beginners Racing League for having on board. I will try my best to be competitive and fair

Oct 02: 17:12
The password is below this chatbox (but I see you are on the server already )

Oct 02: 16:53
boys, i can´t find the passaword to enter in the server, what i do?

Absolute-Beginners Discord server
Formula 1 Series Finale at Aston National
youliftyoulose, Monday, October 29 2012 - 07:25:52 // comment: 1

The 6th and final race with the BF1 in the F1 series took place at Aston National. Only 11 drivers were prepared to take
part in the final race. Mazdarati put his car on the pole being the only car in the 1:22’s. Bandes would join him on the
front row with Black and Daniel filling row two. While Mazdarati had pretty much clinched the series title, 2nd, 3rd and
4th were still to be decided between Bandes, Black and Daniel.

Mazdarati eating Black's dust as they take T1 a bit wide on the opening lap.

Team mates Gutholz and Knistling battle for 4th and 5th.

Stave and Mazdarati trying to occupy the same part of the track on the final lap.

A familiar car crosses the finish line first. This one has a different driver this time as Daniel claims only his 2nd victory ever!

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